FAQ Page Tossin Tens

Please read below for commonly asked questions and answers about our TossinTens bean bag toss games. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

Does TossinTens come with 1 or 2 boards?

TossinTens comes with 2 boards.

Can I use my own cornhole bags to play TossinTens?


Will TossinTens fit on the existing cornhole boards that I have?

Yes, TossinTens fits on 99.9% of the boards. It fits on the tailgate boards (3’x2’) and also the professional boards (4’x2’).

If a bag jumps out of one ring and into another, what points do I receive?

Where ever the bags finally land you receive those points.

What happens if my bag lands on my opponent’s bag or in the same ring?

You cancel out your opponent’s points and you receive the points.

How many points do I get if my bag lands on top of a ring and hangs between two numbers?

Well, without getting into an argument with your opponent, wherever the majority of the bag is in, you receive those points.

Do I get any points if your bag lands on the board and not in a ring?

Yes, you receive 1 point if your bag lands anywhere on the TossinTens board or on the cornhole board. You do not get any points if the bag misses the board completely….sorry!

Does the game come with bags?

No. Bags are not included. In the future, custom color bags will be available to purchase for your favorite teams.

Can I hurt myself playing TossinTens?

The only thing you will hurt is your ego when you lose to your buddy and you never get a 10. But there is always round 2.

Tossintens FAQ