TossinTens™ Basketball Game


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Yes, you can make a slam dunk with TossinTens! Challenge friends with a twist on the backyard game of skeeball. Turn the game of basketball into a drinking game at your tailgate party.

How To Play Basketball

The rules of TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL are simple. We keep it that way because we expect you to have a good time, and not worry about how to play. So the less complicated….the better!


It’s a simple and addictive tailgate/yard game. Toss the 16oz. bags into the “bullseye” rings on the TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL board aiming for the AND 1, LAY UP, 3 PT PLAY, ALLY OOP and of course SLAM DUNK rings to score the corresponding points. Bags that land around the point rings, on the board or on the ground are considered an AIR BALL and receive 0 points. The Player or Team with the highest points wins the game.


Two Cornhole Boards (not included)- The Cornhole Boards are a raised board/platform with a circular 6” cut out. The surfaces of the Cornhole boards are 2′ X 4’ (professional) or 3’ X 4’ (tailgate). Two TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL boards (24”x 34”), eight 16oz., 6”x6” Bags.


Place the TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL boards atop the cornhole boards with the raised ring on the underside of the TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL board into the 6” hole of the cornhole board. The TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL boards will slide into place. Cornhole boards are facing each other and are positioned 27’ from the front edge to the front edge of the boards.


Scoring/points is determined based on where the Cornhole bags land in relation to the TOSSINTENS®BASKETBALL Bullseye rings. Set a time limit for 3 minutes (or more) for each quarter. At the end of 3 minutes the 1st quarter has ended, repeat for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. After the 2nd quarter take a 3-minute break for halftime and switch sides. Continue playing the 3rd and 4th quarters like the 1st and 2nd quarters. Bags hanging over the rings, if it is 50% or more, receive those points. When time expires, the player/team with the most point WINS! 


Can be played with 2 or 4 Players. Individual play is 2 and Team play is 4 players.


In team play, one player from Team A and one player from Team B lineup next to each board. Team A (Player 1) starts with 4 bags and Team B (Player 2) starts with 4 bags and alternate throws to the other board. Once all 8 bags are thrown, the next Team A and Team B toss the bags back. Continue for 3 minutes until time expires for each quarter. At the end of regulation time, the team with the most points WINS!


Individual play is the same as team play (using all 8 bags) except you must walk to the alternating board. Next, toss the bags back to the other board and score. The individual with the most points WINS!


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