TossinTens™ Sips Game


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How To Play Sips Game

The rules of TOSSINTENS® SIPS Game are simple. We keep it that way because we expect you to have a good time, and not worry about how to play. So the less complicated….the better!

TOSSINTENS® The Rules It’s a simple and addictive tailgate/yard game. Toss the 16oz. corn-filled bags into the “bullseye” rings on the TOSSINTENS® SIPS board aiming for the 1 SIP, 2 SIPS, 3 SIPS, 4 SIPS, 5 SIPS & CHUGG rings.

TOSSINTENS® Equipment Two Cornhole Boards (not included)- The Cornhole Boards are a raised board/platform with a circular 6” cut out. The surfaces of the Cornhole boards are 2′ X 4’ (professional) or 3’ X 4’ (tailgate). Two TOSSINTENS® SIPS boards (24”x 34”), eight 16oz., 6”x6”Bags; four of each color for opposite teams or individual players.

TOSSINTENS® SIPS The Set-up Place the TOSSINTENS® SIPS boards atop the cornhole boards with the raised ring on the underside of the TOSSINTENS® SIPS board into the 6” hole of the cornhole board. THE TOSSINTENS® SIPS boards will slide into place. Cornhole boards are facing each other and are positioned 27’ from the front edge to the front edge of the boards.

TOSSINTENS® SIPS Each team starts with a beverage of their choice and two bags per team. SIPS are determined based on where the bags land in relation to the TOSSINTENS® SIPS rings. The Chug! Ring represents a much larger sip (Gulp). Bags that are hanging over the rings, if it is 50% or more, receive the SIPS for that ring. 1 SIP is taken if a bag is on the ground or on any other surface of the game. SIPS can be shared between teammates. Once a team makes the other finish their beverages they win.

TOSSINTENS® SIPS Players Can be played with 2 or 4 players. 2 players is individual play and 4 players is team play.


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